Wake Up With a Purpose

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A Motivating Purpose

Re-Evaluating My Time

  1. List out all my major time commitments.
  2. Evaluate if the motivation is purely good, purely bad, or mixed.
  3. Eliminate (ideal) or reduce anything that is not a purely good intention, or change the intention to purely good.

Bonus Tip: Change “I have to” to “I get to”

  • I get to get our of bed today (good health)
  • I get to go to work today (I have a job)
  • I get to clean the house today (I have a house)
  • I get to talk to my parents today (I have parents who took care of me in the past)
  • I get to deal with that unreasonable person today (It’s a chance for me to improve my virtues)
  • I get to deal with that problem today (every problem lies an opportunity)

Concluding Thoughts

  1. Do you wake up with a strong sense of purpose?
  2. Are there any time commitments you should eliminate or reduce?
  3. What do you get to do everyday that you didn’t appreciate enough before?




Passionate about self-cultivation, happiness, and sharing wisdom.

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Alex Chen

Alex Chen

Passionate about self-cultivation, happiness, and sharing wisdom.

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