Use “Productive” Instead of “Busy”

“Busy” is a word people use a lot these days.

“How have you been recently?”


“How’s your day been?”


You get the point.

When people say the word “busy”, they might feel like they’re wearing a badge of honor, that they’re important and valued. Or perhaps they feel worn out or even confused, like they don’t know what’s happening around them.

I’d like to share one particular definition of “busy” that I find very insightful. In the ancient Chinese character for “busy”, the left side is “heart” and the right side is “death.” So the ancient Chinese defined busy as the death of the heart.

When people are busy, they lose their sense of direction; they’re deaf to what their heart is telling any them.

By the way, the ancient Chinese define “love” as using your heart to feel what the other person needs. That means a busy person also loses the ability to love.

So instead of using the word “busy”, let’s use “productive” instead. “Productive” means you accomplished important things worthy of your time. That means you are clear about what’s important, and that means your heart is alive and well.

Passionate about self-cultivation, happiness, and sharing wisdom.

Passionate about self-cultivation, happiness, and sharing wisdom.