Prestige Comes from Yielding

Image by Luku Muffin on Unsplash


The first and obvious lesson from the story is that we naturally respect and admire Minister Lin for being humble and yielding towards General Lian Po, hence Minister Lin’s prestige is real, long-lasting prestige.

My Experience

I am on very good terms with my school because I like to yield the good teaching time slots to other teachers, and I have the school’s best intentions at heart. Most teachers want a normal 9 to 5 teaching schedule (this schedule got ruined during COVID-19 when most of our international students returned to Asia), but I told the school I am fine with teaching night class and I’m even fine to not have any classes and just do course development; I want the other teachers to be happy, especially since their situations are tougher than mine. I didn’t try to get prestige, but it seems I naturally got a good reputation among the school staff.

Concluding Thoughts

  1. Where in my life could I be more yielding?
  2. Where in my life could I have a bigger heart?



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Alex Chen

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