Myers-Briggs — Summary and Application

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Part 1: Why Myers-Briggs is so Useful

Part 2: Personality Traits in Myers-Briggs

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Part 3: The Four Myers-Briggs Roles

Myers-Briggs Roles

Part 4: The Four Myers-Briggs Strategies

Myers-Briggs Strategies

Part 5: How I’ve Used Myers-Briggs in My Own Life

“Turbulent Advocates are more willing to exaggerate the impact of something that bothers them or hurts the people they care about. People with this personality type often interpret things as being far worse than they are. But such exaggeration is rarely on purpose or about dishonesty. It’s more a reflection of their tendency to hold more negative views of things.”

“Very Argumentative — If there’s anything Debaters enjoy, it’s the mental exercise of debating an idea.”

“Can Find It Difficult to Focus — The same flexibility that allows Debaters to come up with such original plans and ideas makes them readapt perfectly good ones far too often, or to even drop them entirely as the initial excitement wanes and newer thoughts come along. Boredom comes too easily for Debaters, and fresh thoughts are the solution, though not always a helpful one.”

Part 6: Frequently Asked Questions



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